Rela - Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Rela + Facebook Ads = More Leads

Drive targeted leads to your listings with the power of Facebook Ads and Rela Single Property Websites.

Generate High-Quality Buyer Leads with Rela's Facebook Ads Integration

Rela's property marketing platform combined with Facebook Ads is the smartest way to drive buyer leads to your listings. With just a few clicks, Rela automatically generates your campaign, builds a targeted audience, and provides engaging ad-copy, saving you hours of work.

rela facebook advertising

Automatic Audience Builder

Rela's Smart Targeting automatically builds a targeted Facebook audience for you using information from your listing. We take the guess work out of it so you can focus on selling.
No more messing around with the complexity of Facebook's audience builder ... Simply choose what type of leads you're looking to generate, and Rela handles the rest.

View Leads & Analytics in Real Time

Use the live analytics dashboard to view daily impressions, user-actions, and leads. These important insights will help you tailor your marketing efforts and budget to ensure the highest ROI for your Facebook Ads.
You are notified in real-time when a lead is submitted. You can also add notes, rank leads, and send followups from your Rela dashboard.

The Smartest Way to Generate Leads

Combine Rela's single property websites with integrated Facebook Ads to generate real leads for your listings today.

Create your single property site on Rela

Just enter the listing address, upload your photos, and choose a design.

Generate targeted Facebook Leads

Generate a targeted Facebook Ad to start generating leads in just a few clicks.

Get High Quality Leads

Sit back, relax, and watch the leads roll in!